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China Plans to Build New Highway: Amidst the ongoing dispute over LAC, China has once again engaged in provocation. China is soon going to build a new highway in Aksai Chin. The G-695 highway to be built between Tibet and Xinjiang will pass through the disputed Aksai Chin. It is worth noting that in the 50s, China started the border dispute with India only by building a highway in Aksai-Chin. But India has also made it clear that every move of China is being monitored.

Only last week, China has issued a new highway construction plan under its national program. Under this plan, 345 new highways are to be built all over China, whose total length is about 4.61 lakh kilometers and by the year 2035, all these highways will be ready. But the most controversial of these highways is the G-695 highway which will go from Luhanje County in the Tibet Autonomous Region to Majha in Xinjiang.

Highway will pass near LAC
According to the information, this highway will pass near the disputed Line of Control (LAC) adjacent to India. It is believed that this highway will pass close to the cantonments and military bases of the PLA army of China so that the movement of the army can be done rapidly.

What did China say on highway construction?
India has also made its stand clear on building another disputed highway very close to the LAC. On Thursday, when India’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Arindam Bagchi was asked about this new highway of China, he said that the (Indian) government is keeping an eye on every action that has an impact on India’s security and Necessary steps are also being taken for that. Actually, before 1957, Aksai Chin was a part of India and even today India considers it as its own.

In 1957 also China had built the National Highway
In 1957, China secretly constructed the G-219 National Highway in Aksai Chin, India and then completely occupied this part of India. This G-219 highway was a major reason for the war between India and China in 1962. China later increased the length of this highway to about 10 thousand kilometers, which goes from Xinjiang to Tibet. About 180 km of this highway still passes through Aksai Chin. Now with a new express highway, China has started strengthening its infrastructure on the LAC adjacent to India.

India and China relations have soured
Although relations between India and China have been bad since the war of ’62, but for the last two years, the Galwan Valley violence on the LAC adjoining eastern Ladakh. Relations have soured further. For the last two years, 50-50 thousand soldiers, tanks, cannons, missiles and fighter jets of both the countries are stationed on the LAC. There have been 16 rounds of military talks between the two countries in the last two years, but the border dispute is not taking the name of being resolved.

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