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Snake Operation Video: The process of viral videos on social media continues continuously. Now another interesting video has been added to the list of Viral Videos. Recently a video of snake operation has surfaced through social media. These days this video is becoming increasingly viral. Your eyes will be torn apart after watching this video.

A video of sneke operation on social media is becoming increasingly viral these days, in which a large snake can be seen live while operating. With this, you can see how a special team of doctors saves the life of a snake.

surgically removed

In this video going viral on social media, you can see doctors doing snake operation. Let us tell you that the snake seen in the video has swallowed a big cloth, after which this cloth was removed from its mouth after surgery.

Video got 15+ million views

This video has been posted on the social media platform Twitter with an account named Figen. This video was posted on July 29 and has been viewed more than 15.5 million times so far. This video has spread like fire on the internet. More than 40 thousand users have also liked the video. Along with this, Twitter users are also giving their feedback on the video.

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