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India-China: China is not deterring its antics even on the LAC in the guise of maneuvering to grab Taiwan. For the last one and a half months, Chinese fighter jets and helicopters have been violating the air-space of the LAC. Many times the fighter planes of the Indian Air Force have scrambled from the forward air-base and chased the Chinese aircraft. India has also officially objected to these antics of the dragon, but China is not deterring its actions.

According to the information, on Tuesday, an important meeting of the military commanders of India and China was held on the IAC adjacent to eastern Ladakh. The special thing is that a Major-General rank officer of the Army and a Commander rank officer of the Indian Air Force also attended this meeting. According to sources, in this meeting, the commanders of India expressed their displeasure with the Chinese army for flying planes close to the Line of Control (LAC). Along with this, a strong message was also given that if the provocative action from China continues, then India can also take retaliatory action.

Dragon maneuvers one after the other on the LAC

In fact, since the last week of June, the Chinese army is conducting one-on-one maneuvers on the LAC adjoining eastern Ladakh. Although the armies of both countries have been conducting military exercises every year before the winter season on the LAC, but since the month of June, Chinese fighter aircraft are flying very close to the LAC. Chinese fighter jets are violating the air-space of the LAC. This is a matter of concern for India. If sources are to be believed, the Indian Air Force has also put its forward air-base adjacent to the LAC on alert. During the violation of air-space, India’s Mirage-2000 and MiG-29 fighter jets have also scrambled Chinese fighter planes.

India expressed strong objection to China in the meeting
Let us inform that there is an unwritten agreement between India and China regarding the air-space of the LAC, under which fighter jets of both the countries cannot fly within 10 km radius of the LAC. The range for the helicopter is 5 km. If the helicopter comes close to the LAC to air-lift a sick or injured soldier in an emergency, then the army of another country has to be informed about it, but China is not doing this for the last one and a half months. . This is the reason why India strongly objected to China in Tuesday’s meeting.

China is deploying indigenous helicopters
According to the information, last week, the Aviation Brigade of the PLA-Army of China also conducted a major exercise very close to the LAC. This is the 84th Army Aviation Brigade of China, which is part of the Xinjiang Military District. The special thing is that this brigade so far had Mi-171E helicopters taken from Russia, but now China’s attack helicopter Z-10 and transport helicopter Z-20 have also been deployed here. During the exercise, China is bringing its indigenous helicopters close to the LAC and giving its pilot a special test in the high-altitude area. According to the information, from this Aviation Brigade, the Chinese Army can easily support the PLA Army in the area of ​​Galvan Valley, Pangong-Tso and Spangur-Lake i.e. Chushul Moldo from its helicopter. After creating adequate infrastructure, China is carrying out aggressive-exercise near the LAC this year.

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